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Our Message During All This Chaos

Effective on 7/31 our local art studio shut down we areHeavy hearted to post:

I'm closing my studio July 31 and moving to my garage and guest room. Someone else is going to rent my space, with my blessing. I have the best landlord, ever, but I cannot ask him to wait on "normal," and income isn't getting anywhere close to rent, much less other bills.

I tried to pick up slack online zoom but the online market is pretty saturated with art videos and zoom has been jaded by school's classroom online learning. I cannot face paint. I cannot invite you in with appropriate social distance or buy enough supplies for everyone to be safe without charging you more. I cannot risk getting the disease and what it might bring to my family for the few dollars I get when I do ART. (starving artist is not a new concept.)

It breaks my  to pivot again. I want to sincerely thank everyone for your wonderful, sincere support these past 7 years. You have given much for than I ever expected to get. My friendships, celebrations and therapy sessions are special treasures I hold in my heart and memories.

But, SHIFT HAPPENS. I am still going to offer amazing online art lessons for children and teens and adults and maybe an occasional ZOOM event for birthday parties, ladies night out (you won't have to drive after you paint and drink: just navigate down your own hallway.),zoom teacher workshop custom artwork (call me), and maybe offer a paint and pool in my backyard..

I am closing the brick and mortar of Paint With Me Kimberly Keller, out of debt and respect to stop the spread of Covid. There is a time and a future ahead. I am just going to freelance til my ship comes in!    officially running online. Learn about why here. But, don't worry we have our new art shed set up for our online classes & workshops.

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