I specialize in custom painting events at all hours of the day and night. You name the time and let me know what you'd like to paint.
I work with all ages. I can even take my studio on the "Gogh" and meet you and your group at your own venue.
I hold art classes throughout the school year. During breaks, join me for my childrens' art camps.

Learn About Paint With Me!

Painting Parties

Birthday party? Team building? Date night? Club meeting? Regardless of the event, a painting party is the perfect way to make sure you have a good time! Each person gets to paint on their own canvas with all supplies included. You get to choose the theme of the painting. It can take place at my studio or on the “gogh” at your own venue. Bring your own refreshments ("art juice"/alcoholic beverages are allowed)! Hours and days are flexible to fit your schedule (morning to night). Call now to reserve your party!

Art Camps and Lessons

In addition to my regular events, I also host art camps for kids during spring and summer breaks as well as art lessons throughout the school year. I often bring the magic of painting to other local events, too! Check my upcoming events page to learn more!

DRAW up your 2018 Summer Schedule! 


Most of our art camps are 2-3 hours as indicated. Expect tons of fun, messy clothes, lots of laughs and Facebook posts at the end of the day.  Each art camp is independent of itself. The projects are completed that day and can be taken home that day or picked up within 5 days (please! limited room!)  Ages are suggested for each camp, siblings that have split ages can be accommodated on most occasions.  There are also some discounts available for multiple art camps.  I am so SO excited to offer some great fun and different opportunities all summer long.  This calendar may be added to, depends on request! 

To secure your spots please remit your summer camp fee(s) 7 days before your artist camp(s) to insure your spot(s) as they are limited.  I try to only take 11 students in a class to ensure quality attention to each artist.  I will have at least one other person assisting me at each camp.  Paypal (friend to friend), Credit card, Check, and cash are all accepted. 

Please let me know if your child has allergies to ice cream or sherbet; that is usually our snack of choice.

August Camps are tentative to stop August 15. But, IF there is enough interest I would be tickled to keep ARTING!  J Please let me know – different schools start at different times.   I will begin a similar art lesson schedule in the fall…meeting once a week for an hour usually.


The days after August 16 can be art days too- I am waiting to see if the need arises, please let me know if you are looking for art camps during the days before school starts.

Thank you very much!  I am looking forward to the fun! The art classes make if I have at least 5 artist signed up for the class.  I will let you know asap if they do not make, invite a friend or two- or bring grandma or grandpa, it is a great memory maker!  Also art camps work great for birthday party gifts- making memories today that last a long time!Happy ARTing!!

DISOUNTS:  2 artist in the same class (siblings/mom/dad/grandparent/friend) $25 art class= 2 for $45

                                                                                                                     $30 art class= 2 for $55
                                                                                                                      $35 art class=2 for $65
                                                        All artists with multiple classes:  no tax added, I will pay the 8.25% tax and cc fees (think 10% off)

               *10 classes= $20 credit to the 11th class  (I am sorry, offers cannot be combined)

Example:  2 kids for flamingos $45 + 2 kids for clay $55 + 2 kids for mermaids $65 +1kid for wire $30 + 1kid for hedgehog $25 + 3 kids for melted crayons $70= (11 classes) $290-$20 credit for 10 classes=$270

I now have PayPal at paintwithme.kimberlykeller@gmail.com  or cash, credit card (3% fee +tax), check

Art Lessons Monday

10 am-12 noon Adult Watercolor $25

3:45-4:45   * 1 HOOT (beginner)  ages 5 and up

5-6      ** 2 HOOTS (intermediate)

Art Lessons Tuesday

10 am – 12 noon   Adult Drawing $20  

1:30-3:30    *.* 1.5 HOOTS (ages 6 and up) Two hours  $20/$25  Homeschool

4-5 art class   *.* 1.5 HOOTS (begin/intermediate) $15/$18

5:15-6:15 art class  ** 2 HOOTS $15/$18

Art Lessons Wednesday

12-2pm Adult Acrylic Painting     $25

2:45-3:45     Meridian art class ** 2 HOOTS $15/$18 Ages 7+

4-5  art class    **  2 HOOTS  $15/$18

5:30-6:45  art class  *** 3 HOOTS (advanced) $15/$18

Art Lessons Thursday

12- 2 pm  Adult Art Class   $25

2:00-3:30 Art Class   **.* 2.5 HOOTS $15/$18  Homeschool

 4-5 Art Class * 1 HOOT  $15/$18


Art Lessons Friday

SOME FRIDAYS:  art class- homeschool
10:30-11:30  $13/2 for $25 Varied HOOTS: 
Please Call For More Information 

ART CAMP 4-6 Check Facebook For Events and Text Messages For Dates

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday by appointment: family events, birthday parties, face painting and mobile events avilable.  512-635-7936

I now have PayPal at paintwithme.kimberlykeller@gmail.com  or cash, credit card (3% fee +tax), check

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